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Here are some articles from our users that stood out to me.

Weekly Highlights

A hybrid approach to work

This piece shared by @jlocatell features Google's CEO Sundar Pichai's announcement on Google's remote work policies.

We’ll move to a hybrid work week where most Googlers spend approximately three days in the office and two days wherever they work best. Since in-office time will be focused on collaboration, your product areas and functions will help decide which days teams will come together in the office. There will also be roles that may need to be on site more than three days a week due to the nature of the work.

The Growing Specialization of Product Management — Reforge

This piece shared by @19o5design was a useful disambiguation of the different types of product work that exists, giving categories to differentiate the different types of product managers.

People don't recognize Product specializations because we tend to think about all product work as the same type of work. We just apply the basic skills from above to every product area. But, there are fundamentally different types of product work which require different tools, processes, skill sets, and success metrics.

13 must-read graphic design books that will shape your career

This share from @larrymatoyo covers 13 must-read graphic design books. I've got my eye on the recommendation for problem-solving through graphic design!

Below are thirteen excellent books about graphic design, covering everything from how to get started in your design career to specific design concepts like typography and grid design. Bookmark your favorites and get ready to supercharge your graphic design career!

Just Enough Research

This share by @TheNajeeb is of reviews for "Just Enough Research", which talks about a question that's been on my mind a lot; methods for good user research. I might just go get myself a copy now.

In Just Enough Research, co-founder of Mule Design Erika Hall distills her experience into a brief cookbook of research methods. Learn how to discover your competitive advantages, spot your own blind spots and biases, identify small changes with huge potential impact, and why you should never, ever hold a focus group. You'll be on the path to good research in less time than you can plan your next pitch.

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