Can you believe it's already August? Where has 2021 gone? Let's figure that out together with this week's digest, covering issues like making smarter decisions, why QA is the responsibility of every designer, and a startup course by A16Z for crypto entrepreneurs.

I'm taking time out to reflect on my year, what has been memorable for you?

Weekly Highlights

How to Make Smart Decisions Without Getting Lucky

I like to think that I’m rational and capable of interpreting all information in a non-biased way but that’s a dream. Cognitive biases are great at explaining how our evolutionary programming leads us astray. Knowledge of these biases in advance rarely helps us make better decisions. There are, however, many easily recognizable situations that increase the odds we’re about to do something stupid. Whether we’re tired, overly focused on a goal, rushing, distracted, operating in a group, or under the influence of a group, we’re more prone to stupidity.

The prosumer software commercial go-to-market approach

Prosumers are not the mainstream user. They are the top % who use a product extensively, often for hours at a time. These are the users where marginal improvements to things like speed and efficiency have a meaningful impact on their time and productivity.

What the Design QA process means for products and how to do it

I know some people think now, why do I need to do it? There is a quality assurance team that takes care of it. Of course, there is a QA team that takes care of testing the product as well, but I think it is also our responsibility, as a chef is required to try his food before he serves it to the guests in his restaurant, we need to test the product before our users.

Crypto Startup School- Andreessen Horowitz

A free, educational program built by Andreessen Horowitz to encourage talented technologists to get started in crypto. It features video lectures, presentations and fireside chats with leading entrepreneurs, investors and experts in the space.

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