Our Why

The quality of information that we consume matters. The health of our digital information ecosystems affects our physical communities. As digital trends accelerate globally, this increases both the velocity and volume of information that moves about.

With the exponential increase of online content, it's getting harder to tell the signal from the noise. This problem is only getting worse as more communities become increasingly digital.

We want to build a better way for us to share and exchange knowledge on the internet. By letting each of us externalise our thought processes, mental models and sources of information, we can better learn from and understand how we each think.

By understanding how each of us comes to our conclusions, we can better achieve alignment and to identify the gaps in our reasoning. This can be achieved by overlaying a social network with a collective knowledge graph, to allow us to document and share our learnings, sources and takeaways for the topics that matters most to us.

The technology already exists to do this, it is now a matter of growing this movement.

Our Principles

  • We believe that we need each other to build a better internet together
  • How we exchange and share ideas matters
  • The health of our digital spaces affects our physical world
  • Collaboration at scale is possible and desirable
  • Technology is just a tool, what matters is how we use it
  • Information ecosystems should be global in access and local-first in impact

Who are we?

We're a bunch of curious individuals, eager to learn from each other. This willingness to share the best knowledge and ideas we've learnt, in order to advance the state of our private and even public conversations, is the critical missing piece that will allow us to have better online and offline conversations as a society, and within our own communities.